Updated: Nov 19

With the holidays quickly approaching, many of us are already searching for the perfect gifts for friends & family. Be this year’s holiday hero when you shop our top picks for your loved ones on two wheels! All items are currently in stock.

1. Arundel Bicycle Company's Top Tube Tycoon & Handlebar Czar The “Top Tube Tycoon” and the “Handlebar Czar” bags are perfect for your adventurous loved ones! Long rides in remote places on a variety of terrains can require more gear and preparation. Having a great storage bag means that your loved ones no longer have to stuff their pockets to the max just to carry along their ride’s necessities.

2. Spurcycle Original Bell Do your loved ones enjoy rides on the Trinity Trails or other crowded routes? The “Spurcycle Bell” can be heard very clearly up close or from far distances, making it the perfect gift for your cyclist! This bell can make their ride safer and save their voice from repeatedly having to yell, “on your left!” Just give a little flick of the bell to warn those ahead. Spurcycle Bells are known for creating a more powerful, enduring sound and give plenty of notice to others well in advance with a loud, convincing tone. Choose from the Spurcycle Compact Bell and Original Bell in Raw or Black.

3. Garmin Edge 530

If your cyclist is a little more on the tech savvy side and enjoy keeping up with their stats each ride, then the Garmin Edge 530 is the perfect fit for them! With this device, your loved one will see just about any statistic that you can imagine. From VO2 max, recovery time, training load, training load focus and more, this Garmin can do it all. Looking for another model? We've got three more models Garmin cycling computers to chose from!

4. Mellow Johnny's Apparel & Accessories

2020 has been all about the comfy gear! Whether your cyclist is relaxing at home or out on a tough ride, you want to make sure that they’re as comfortable (and stylish) as ever! From the softest tees to new cycling kits, and branded face masks to travel mugs, the MJ’s team has you covered. You could never go wrong with these picks!

5. Date Night - E-Bike Rental & Dinner

Did someone say “Date Night?” Give your cyclist the gift of experience with a special date night! Grab your loved one and a pair of e-bike rentals for a day of rolling along the beautiful Trinity River and Trails. Make your way back to the bike shop and treat yourself to a delicious dinner right next door at Press Café, or just around the corner at The Shops at Clearfork. Head over to our rental page for more details.

6. Bar Tape

If your loved one is a cyclist, then they need new bar tape. Whether they need to replace today or in a few months, they’ll love if you’ve already got their handlebars covered! It’s important to keep the handlebars in tip-top shape to maintain a solid grip and avoid damage. Shop our variety of tape options from Arundel Bicycle Company, ENVE, Fizik and Supacaz; and for your mountain bikers be sure to just grab a new pair of grips!

7. Retül Fit

Does your cyclist ever have any aches and pains after a long ride? Give them the perfect gift of a bike fit! Retül Fits are so much more than just a bike fit - it’s a way for your loved one to learn about their body on a bike, the root cause of their aches and pains, and how a proper fit can help them to achieve their cycling goals. The shop's Retül Bike Fit Specialists can help make your cyclist more efficient and comfortable on their bike! For more information on pricing and further details, then please visit: Retül Fits

8. A New Bike!

With the crazy year we’ve had, everyone has had to find ways to adapt to the chaos. If your loved one has expressed interest in taking up cycling to stay fit or even wants to upgrade their old ride, then MJ’s has some great choices for you! Whether your cyclist is 50 or 5 years old, a new bike is always a big hit at Christmas. We’ve got new inventory coming down the pipeline, so your loved ones will not be disappointed! Choose from our selection of road, gravel, mountain, hybrid or even e-bikes this holiday season!

9. Gift Card

If you read this list and thought that your cyclist would love everything on it and you just can’t seem to pick just one or two things; then give them the best of both worlds with a Mellow Johnny’s Gift Card! Your loved ones eyes will light up once they’re given the green light to pick out their absolute favorite item in-store or online!

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